Saturday, 15 June 2013


By far the biggest excuse I’ve heard for not exercising has to be the standard “I don’t have time”.  Personally I’m inclined to believe that we become disillusioned with lack of results and therefore lose the motivation to continue.
Are you frustrated with a body that never seems to change despite your endless walks to Cape Town and back on the treadmill?  Is your exercise programme working and if not…..why not?
In my quest to try and accommodate, motivate, understand and encourage clients to stay focused on their training an incredible and powerful fat loss story has emerged and its good news!  LESS REALLY IS MORE!!
The past two decades have seen us jump, pump, step, slide, salsa, hip hop, lift kettle bells, and take yoga and Pilates. Whilst they’ve all earned their rightful place in the fitness world, there’s a prominent little workout dominating the pack in terms of long term fat loss and increased lean body mass.
High Intensity Interval Training
Sure, we’ve all heard of high intensity interval training (HIIT), since it’s been making its mark for a few years now with many studies citing their research.  It’s about doing short, very high intensity intervals with slightly longer recovery periods. 
So what exactly sets this incredible workout apart from the rest?  I made it my mission to find out and when I came across a workout from world renowned Phil Campbell, which takes care of all the fundamental factors below I found the research “almost too good to be true”. 
·         Just twenty minutes, two or three times a week this workout burns more fat than running flat out on a treadmill for two hours.
  • Dramatically improves muscle tone 
  • Firms skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Boosts energy and sexual desire
  • Improves athletic speed and performance
  • Allows you to achieve your fitness goals much faster
  • Boosts HGH (human growth hormone) dramatically which is the ultimate fitness hormone because it promotes muscular definition whilst reducing fat. 
  • HGH is also a youth hormone which declines in our thirties and forties – hence many celebs having injections of this powerful hormone. 

Campbell’s research is said to revolutionize the health and fitness world over the next decade and I can vouch for that since I’ve successfully being implementing this programme for two years now. It’s about adding anaerobic exercise to your fitness plan and multi-tasking it with cardio. Children and most animals in the wild do not run marathons or lift weights, they move at high speeds for very short periods of time and then rest. This is natural and what optimizes the production of growth hormone.
Campbell strongly advises that not only do you NOT NEED to do more than three times a week, you may actually cause more harm than good if you over-do it. 
Finally to maximize your HGH release during your fitness training there are some important house rules!
Before training do not have a high fat meal one hour prior but do have a small carb meal to fuel intensity, such as a banana or small bowl of oats.
During training drink plenty of water
After training avoid any sugar, carbohydrates and caffeine for two hours. Eating/drinking this will totally obliterate the HGH you worked so hard to release. Do have 25 grams of protein.
Here's a summary of Campbell’s regime using a recumbent bike (although you can perform this on an elliptical machine or treadmill, in a class situation or with any type of exercise you prefer):
  1. Warm up for three minutes
  2. Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds. You should feel like you couldn't possibly go on another few seconds
  3. Recover for 90 seconds
  4. Repeat the high intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times
  5. That’s it!
In addition to this ultimate fat burning exercise add some form of resistance training.
Be mindful of your current fitness level and don't overdo it when you first start out.  Always seek the advice of your physician before starting out on a new exercise regime.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A WORKING FORMULA - As seen in The Ballito

The key to success is to change what you do on a daily basis – John Maxwell
As we settle well and truly into 2013 how are you faring on your well-intended health and fitness regime?  Unfortunately,  for many of us the momentum has waned.  And exactly why this happens I believe is down to one thing!  No change!  No results! 
With lack of results comes boredom, de- motivation and the excuses come pouring in!  Boom…… you’re back where you started with bag loads of fat taking up residence again! 
Even Justin (the ed) posed a rather cynical question to me just the other day.  “Is there seriously a formula to getting into shape Jenni?  Everyone seems to have their own ideas about the best way to get lean and healthy, and quite frankly it’s frustrating and confusing.”
Agreed Justin!  You are your own laboratory experiment and if something’s not working, why not?   Change the formula!  If you’ve been pelting it out on the treadmill or following a diet and nothings budged, well um ….. it probably never will. 
According to top life and fitness coach Douglas Brooks, we are only six steps away from a life changing experience!  Therefore, if we could personally discover the vices holding us back from achieving our personal best, and endeavour to conquer them, we would be successful in our dreams to becoming lean and healthy.  These vices differ for all of us. Excess coffee, sugar, and alcohol spring to mind as high on the list followed closely by lack of water, acidity, and the wrong exercise prescription.
As an example, you may be someone who survives on copious amounts of coffee every day.  This seemingly innocent little habit can actually wreak havoc in the body from unstable blood sugar levels and dehydration to anxiety and depression, elevated insulin and cortisol levels. 
Gym as much as you like, but with the above symptoms present, you’re unlikely to ever crack the health and fitness picture!  But an informed and conscious decision to eliminate the coffee or even moderate it to say two cups a day and your body will start responding positively until it becomes a habit.    
Work on discovering the personal triggers holding you back and aspire to move your body into a permanent new space called ‘maintenance’, by eliminating or moderating these little horrors one at a time, until they no longer have a hold on your goals to be lean, energetic and vibrant.  Your body will quite simply wake up and start to work for you!  
Here’s a great little formula to work by:
·         It takes the body 21 days to recognise change
·         It takes the body 21 days to internalise this change
·         It takes the body 21 days for final transformation
·         BOOM – 63 days
Given this formula we can easily understand why the quick fix options continue to fail us. Ultimately we have to agree the safest bet and an almost guaranteed formula is to opt for a healthy lifestyle change (which includes finding your personal triggers) along with regular exercise and stick with this plan for 63 days.  Once you feel re-energized, revitalized and alive again, the bags of fat will start offloading – hopefully for good!  
When you’re in this space – watch this space!

Monday, 23 January 2012


I always maintain that it's virtually impossible to go into flat-out new year's resolutions on the 1st January.  Just too much pressure after having a delightfully overindulged munch-up over the festive season!  Blood sugar levels, over-acidity, inflammation and emotions will all be out of balance making the transition all that more difficult. If you do happen to slip up the guilt trip sets in and we all know that's not a good thing.

So ideally one should ease into the New Year with a 'decrease the bad, increase the good' type of attitude.  This is a much more realistic and kinder way to treat the body and the chances of maintaining it are also much higher.

Here are some hugely important tips to help you on your way;
  • Chew your food thoroughly to ensure optimum digestion and absorption.
  • Have the equivalent of five cups of raw veggies per day and eat two fruits.
  • Learn how to breathe correctly and spend five minutes a day doing this.
  • Rebounding for a few minutes a day does wonders for lymphatic drainage.
I am currently almost done writing my fifth book and will be presenting my new SPRINTONE workout in a new DVD coming out soon.   I personally wish you extraordinary health and happiness in 2012.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


It’s that time of year again where we’re all desperate to escape a myriad of overindulgences, feeling bloated, dehydrated, over weight and absolutely no motivation whatsoever to do anything about it.  The mind is willing for that fitter, leaner and healthier body whilst the motivation is on a different page. 

Perhaps one of the reasons for this could be your disappointment at results in the past.  BUT, understand this first: If you’ve tried honestly to lose weight, and it hasn’t  worked  – there are real reasons for this that have nothing to do with ‘willpower’ or ‘discipline’ –  and the usual rules for ‘fat loss’ simply do not apply. 

Let’s go through some very real reasons on why you can’t lose weight and the myriad of issues that prevent fat loss and trigger weight gain.

You may be a tad surprised at the answers which are not your typical ‘diet and exercise related issues’.  Understand that you are your own laboratory test when it comes to your health and therefore if what you’ve been doing for quite some time has failed, you need to ask yourself why!  Whatever your beliefs before, your alarm bells should be ringing out loud now!!

1) Not getting enough shut-eye
If you’re a night owl and proud of it, guess what?  You won’t lose weight and will in fact gain weight.  The fitting quote “get your beauty sleep” now becomes apt for weight loss too. Lack of sleep interferes with your hormones, specifically the hormone leptin which tells you when to stop eating.  In addition lack of sleep will stress you out the next day, and your eating will be out of control!
To add injury to insult, lack of sleep also interferes with your appetite. Staying up late elevates the hormone (ghrelin) that regulates your appetite leading you to be hungrier with a ravenous appetite and cravings.

2) Stress
We all acknowledge stress and the impact it has on our health, in particular our mental health but let’s also be aware there are several sources of physical stress. Continued stress locks the stress hormone (cortisol) into high gear and since most of us have excess stress at one time or another, chronic stress will have you looking and feeling bad.  Now here’s an interesting point!  You may well assume that exercise will give you more energy, but it can (and often will) further stress your overwhelmed body.  So, in this case a specific exercise programme would need to be prescribed. Cortisol loves to give you a pot belly, affects memory, lowers your sex drive and makes you crave sugar and stimulants.
Stress makes you fat, prevents fat loss and can kill you.

So if there’s one New Year’s resolution you need to really focus on achieving this year, manage your stress. This means sitting down and assessing your current stress situation and making a plan to reduce it as soon as you can.   How you respond to stress is the trigger to the outcome, but equally you will not be able to manage stress if you don’t eat enough, don’t eat enough protein, don’t sleep enough or work out too hard.   

Think out of the box by taking a different type of fitness class, start reading more, spend more time with your dogs and in the garden, get a massage, start painting or go on vacation, but manage it!

In the next issue of Life and Style I will discuss more reasons on why you cannot lose the weight.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Are you a weigh-yourself-every-day type of person?  Obsessed with the needle which painstakingly just does not seem to budge despite your workout efforts and lifting heavier weights than ever before!  
Everyone comments on how great you’re looking, your clothes are fitting better and you feel smaller…… but what is going on with the dreaded scale?  It sits on that same number and occasionally even goes up. 
Why have we become so obsessed with this seemingly critical issue surrounding our weight and that number on the scale?  Here’s the reason!  You need to understand the difference between fat tissue and muscle tissue.

Take a look at the picture here which is a photograph taken of 5lbs of muscle and 5lbs of fat.  They may WEIGH the same but just look at how much bigger the fat is – it’s more than double the size of the muscle tissue!

5lbs of FAT vs. 5lbs of MUSCLE
Despite weighing exactly the same just look at the incredible difference between the two!  One is visibly taut and tight whilst the other is squishy and most unattractive!  

So to clarify this weight debate it’s important to understand that muscle does not weigh more than fat.  5lbs of muscle weights the same as 5lbs of fat but simply takes up much less room! So when you start to work out and the muscle begins to replace the fat don’t look to your scale for the answers, look at how much smaller and tighter you’ve become and how your clothes look and feel.  That’s your answer.

Muscle tissue requires far more energy than fat tissue to sustain itself and therefore burns fat calories at a rate nine times faster than fat tissue does, even at rest.  The key to long term weight loss is to get lean tissue onto your body and become a fat burning machine because our metabolism is so tightly coupled to the amount of muscle we carry.

So throw out your scales, invest in your body and get lean for life!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Get in shape for life - not just Summer!

I have been inundated with e mails and calls in a desperate attempt to get in shape for Summer.  I love it but I certainly do not advocate the quick fix route which surely we all know by know comes back in bag loads of fat to take up residence again!  Exercise plays a huge role in the big picture but diet is really a hugely underestimated part of being in great shape. And diet does not mean 'restrict' but rather eat a consistent diet of a variety of healthy foods.  Firstly to keep your blood sugar levels stable . Stable Blood Sugar = fast and permanent weight loss.  Secondly to address inflammation, dehydration and hormone imbalances.  A less than healthy diet can cause all of the above with the knock on effect of not only weight gain, but finding it impossible to shift any weight at all.
So take an informed and intelligent approach to your health goals by eating a clean, health-filled diet including lean red meat, chicken and fish (organic wherever possible), at least five cups of raw, juiced or lightly steamed vegetables and two fruits and all the healthy fats (olive oil, fish oils, nuts and seeds).

Thursday, 27 October 2011

JENERGY - The only way to a FIT, FIRM and FEMININE body

South African born Jenni Rivett is back with a vengeance to promote and share her unique fitness concept which entrenched her at the top of the fitness market in the United Kingdom for over a decade.  She returns with her most up-to-date fitness programme and promises results which deliver in half the amount of time. What every woman wants!

Armed with an impressive history in the field of health and fitness, Jenni is determined to convert every woman into what she terms ‘the only way to a fit, firm and feminine body’.

Once voted Britain’s top fitness trainer by the ‘Best of British’ publications, Jenni’s sparkling achievements and accolades only begin here.  In 1990 she founded her fitness concept ‘Jenergy’ which offers private consultations, personal training and nutrition.  The author of two books, Jenni is currently working on another book.

Jenni reached an international audience when she became the personal fitness trainer to Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales.  Jenni was approached by Kensington Palace in 1991 to assist the Princess in her health and exercise regime.  It was Jenni who was integral in turning the once slightly round-shouldered, shy woman into the statuesque, beautiful, confident and most photographed woman in the world.  Jenni was Diana’s personal trainer and confidante up until the Princess’s tragic and untimely death in 1997.  Other clients included Jeffrey Archer, Elizabeth Hurley, Shakira Caine and the UK’s GMTV morning show host, Lorraine Kelly.
In January 1999, Jenni released her first fitness video ‘Figure it Out’ (Universal) with Lorraine Kelly, which was voted the UK’s top fitness video of 1999.  Her second fitness video ‘Figure Happy’, also with Lorraine Kelly (Universal) was voted one of the top five fitness videos of 2000 in the UK. 

Whilst based in the UK, Jenni presented numerous TV shows including “Bodyworks”.  She regularly appeared on GMTV as a fitness consultant, and has also appeared on BBC 1, East Anglia TV and many USA TV Magazine shows.  Her radio profile was as impressive and she was often heard on BBC 1.  Local radio appearances in South Africa have been on Radio 702, 94.7, Cape Talk, East Coast Radio and SAFM. 

Jenni regularly presented workshops for Fitness Professionals throughout the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and was the fitness professional of choice for many motivational and guest appearances at corporate and private company events.  She was appointed lifestyle consultant for Polar Hear Rate monitors and has written over 500 publications in South Africa, the UK, USA and Australia. Jenni is currently the fitness expert for Longevity Magazine and a local paper ‘Life and Style’.

Jenni’s qualifications are as impressive as her public appearances and client list.  She is a Certified Fitness Instructor from Colorado Mountain College, qualified in accordance with the American College of Sport’s Medicine, and ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Personal Trainer as well as an IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association) certified Instructor.

Her wealth of knowledge on the nutritional front includes a Clinical Nutrition Diploma, in accordance with the British Alternative Medical Association.

Not one to ever rest on her laurels, Jenni keeps on the forefront of knowledge in both the nutritional and fitness worlds.  An exciting offshoot of this, is not only another book that is ready for release, but a phenomenal new exercise regime, Sprintone, that promises to produce incredible results in body toning and strength, as well as in the field of anti-ageing.  A revolution is in the making!